How long does it take to get from Norway to Greenland? Well, of course it depends on which city you are traveling to and from. Here you’ll get an insight on my travel from my hometown Trondheim to the capital of Greenland - Nuuk, and I’ll even give you my best tips for traveling to Greenland!

I had a flight from Trondheim at 6:00 in the morning, so I knew I wouldn’t get much sleep… or no sleep at all. I didn’t have much expectations before traveling to Greenland, but I knew it would be an experience for life, so I was too excited to fall asleep!

Traveling from Norway to Greenland4:45 in the morning and I'm ready for takeoff!

The whole travel was approximately 12,5 hours consisting of 5 airports, 3 flights, and 1 bus. As usual, it wasn’t any exciting happening on any of the airports or the flights, but I did meet some nice people! It always make me happy when people want to talk to me, because I get a lot of good travel tips and the trip goes a lot faster too. So luckily for me, the 12,5 hours didn’t turn out to feel as long as they seem to.

Traveling from Norway to GreenlandTIP: Book your airport transfer on Iceland in advance. See a selection of choices at Guide to Iceland

I think the favorite part of my travel to Greenland was my last flight from Reykjavik domestic airport to Nuuk airport. The plane was so small and cozy and of course, I made sure to have a seat by the window to get a really good view over Greenland before landing. The plane was a little bit cold, but it didn’t take long until the stewardess noticed I was cold and brought me a blanket

Traveling from Norway to GreenlandDoesn't it look cozy?! This was the only flight I got some sleep, thanks to the sweet stewardess who gave me a blanket.

When arriving Nuuk I was amazed over the temperature, I had to take off my jacket! It only showed 12 degrees Celsius on the thermometer, but the sun was really heating up. My first day ended up being a lovely day where I got to see some of the nicest parts of Nuuk, despite my lack of sleep.

If you look closely, you can see the road ends. The locals in Nuuk calls it If you look closely, you can see the road ends. The locals in Nuuk calls it "the end of the world". Greenland has no cities connected with roads because of all the glacier.

Traveling from Norway to GreenlandThere's a reason why people call it colourful Nuuk!

My best tips for you traveling to Greenland; smile and don’t be shy, and you might get some friends on your way! Also, get seating by the window to enjoy the beautiful view, and then you’re in Greenland before you even know it!

Traveling from Norway to GreenlandHere you see my entire tour in 12.5 hours. The map is entirely not correct since Nuuk is actually one latitude higher than Trondheim.

Now I can’t wait what more Greenland has to offer! 

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