A colorful August evening in Ilulissat

The sun has started to set in Ilulissat, and we now get very colorful sunsets - whenever we have sunny days. This summer has unfortunately been more grey and rainy than usual. But that means fewer mosquitoes ;-) 

The land you see in the far back is the Disco Island, which is vulcanic created and is, therefore, a totally different sight. It's so greenly and pure, with many flowers and waterfalls. Definitely, a place I can recommend to visit while being in Ilulissat or Disco bay area. You can get there with the company Disko line by boats or by helicopter with Air Greenland. 

Many sailboats, ships, motorboats, tourists boat, kayaks, fisherman etc are sailing out there, and I bet they all take pictures on evenings like these. The icebergs keep moving and changing, so no pictures are the same. 

A colorful August evening in Ilulissat

Some days we have lots of icebergs other days less, but it never runs out of them here in Ilulissat! 
The harbor picture above is an evening picture vs the next morning. This is how quick it can change, and this is how unpredictable nature can be. 

Every day, all year the icebergs are being pushed out from the Icefiord to the Disco Bay. Which make good sense with the name of the town "Ilulissat" which means "Icebergs." 

A colorful August evening in Ilulissat

I love this bench! Once in a while, I go to the top of this mountain, just 10 minutes walk from the rood, and reset my mind. I can sit here for 5 minutes or 1 hour, it gives me peace and happiness every single time! 

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