Colorful Greenland

Our national flower "Niviarsiaq" can now be seen everywhere in Greenland. So colorful and beautiful.
The name means a young unmarried girl, and are blooming in entire Greenland during summer.

Colorful Greenland

Even though the summer in Greenland is short, we do get some flowers in our huge nature. 
I love this view, where you get to sit on rocks with flowers around you while watching the big icebergs.

Colorful GreenlandI work here in Ilulissat every summer since the year 2008 and the first thing I do every summer when I arrive is to go to this beautiful place at the old settlement "Sermermiut" the people by the ice. 

There have been three cultures living here since 2400 BC: Saqqa culture, Early Dorset Culture and the Thule culture (my ancestors).

Sermermiut was abandoned in 1850 when the last resident moved to Ilulissat, and today we only see Archaeological remains.    
This area is now part of the Ilulissat Icefjord World Heritage Site. 

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