I feel so privileged to be able to feel home both in Denmark and in Greenland!
Greenland is part of the Danish kingdom, so there are many Danes in Greenland, and approximately 16500 Greenlanders living in Denmark. Many, like myself, have families in both countries.

Many Greenlanders study in Denmark, and therefore is there four Greenlandic houses located around the country. One in Copenhagen, Odense, Århus and in Aalborg. The last three has even a dorm for Greenlandic students. 

I studied in Odense 10 years ago and was living with other Greenlandic students in the house in Odense. It was very nice to be in Denmark, and still be able to be among others like you. Greenlandic students who are in the " same boat " being 4000 kilometers away from home, in a totally different culture. It created a strong bond and we could help each other, share feelings and stood up for each other if anyone felt homesick. 

Greenland in Denmark

The house above is the house in Odense, which was established after I graduated. This house is called the Nordic house and is a house for Island, Faroe Islands, and Greenland. 

These houses are not just for students, but each of the places has a little shop, a café and has arrangements where anyone is welcome to participate. 
The Greenlandicassociations have often events during holidays, lectures, book openings, concerts, etc. 

Greenland in Denmark

The picture above is the amazing Greenlandic singer Simon Lynge, who had a concert in the Greenlandic house last Wednesday. Even though it was a working/school night it was a full house arrangement with both countries participated for this very cozy evening.  

Greenland in Denmark

The picture above is one of my favorite singers from Greenland, Nina Kreutzmann. She has a unique voice that I love to hear once in a while. You know the songs that you love to sing in the shower? Year! each time I hear her songs it makes me wants to sing out loud and brings a happy feeling. I am sure I am not the only one getting these feelings from her songs :-)  







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