Greenland is 2.166.000 km² and we are only 56.000 inhabitants, so we do have a lot of space. 
To go from town to another you need to take the coast ferry or a flight because there aren´t any roads connecting any towns or villages. 

So much space and so just up the hill or a mountain, you get the feeling of being all alone in the world. This is an amazing feeling by the way :-)
An amazing place for meditation!

There are many different hikes all around Greenland. You can even hike to the ice cap, and I highly recommend if you do so that you go with a guide, because there are many melting potholes which you don´t want to slip into. 

Amazing experience to be on top of the ice cap, and if you ever go remember to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and of cause camera ;-)  

Hiking in Greenland


Hiking is possible anytime during the year but during winter you need more clothes and time. 

I took this picture the 1st of January in a minus 30 degrees Celsius (with the chill factor). But still an amazing hike with the most amazing view of the ice fjord. 


Hiking in Greenland


This picture is taken the same place as the one above just during summer.

This is at the old settlement Sermermiut in Ilulissat, which is on the UNESCO world heritage list. 

Hiking in Greenland

This was on a hike in Qeqertarsuaq Disko island. I took a group of tourists on a nice hike to Kuannit where we also saw whales among the icebergs. 

This island is vulcanic created 25-65 million years ago, so it also has very interesting basalt cliffs.

Kuannit is amazing and very green, with Angelicas and small rivers and waterfalls.

Hiking in Greenland

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