Kayaking in Ilulissat icefjord is so amazing! I highly recommend this unforgettable excursion. 

Several companies have tours in Ilulissat and Oqaatsut area. Most have tours every day and you don´t need any equipment or experience.

Specialized kayak guides give you information and safety briefing before taking you out.

Some take pictures for you, but always keep your own camera in a dry bag while enjoying every second sailing among the icebergs, 

Kayaking in Ilulissat

Being out in there in the big nature and the silence, you get the best meditation experience. 

A lifetime experience.

This photo is from an evening kayaking tour in Ilulissat. 

Kayaking in Ilulissat

I have been out several times and can´t wait to go again. Being among the icebergs on sealevel is really something! 
Kayaking in Ilulissat


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