You might have heard about the big five in Africa, but Greenland has its own big five as well. The Arctic big five is following: 


1) Dog sledding

Dog sledding is possible north of the polar circle during winter, or as long as there is snow. During the summer the dogs are on vacation ;-) 

The polar circle is the "dog border," south of this circle is what we call "danish dogs" which is all another kind of dogs than the Greenlandic sled dog. This border is made to keep the sled dog race pure, which is only useful in the north anyway.

Many families have a sled or several, and many fishermen use this to go fish on the ice but because of the climate change, the number of dogs has decreased. 

The Big Arctic Five


2) The northern lights

Northern lights are possible to see from around September to April, and it has to be dark and clear sky. 
It is an amazing experience, and one of my best childhood memories is to lay down in the snow all packed in the warmest clothes, just looking up and enjoying the northern lights in the sky that are changing shapes and colors. 

The Big Arctic Five


3) Ice & snow

Appr. 85% of our country is covered by ice. This ice is built by snowfall during many years and because of the pressure, it becomes ice. Snow is white, but through the hard pressure the small air bubbles are being pushed out and create the blue color. 
The thickest point on the ice cap is 3200 meters above sea level, and the continues pressure makes the ice keep moving out, becoming glaciers that break out and becoming icebergs. The most active glacier in the northern hemisphere is located 70 km north of Ilulissat.   

The Big Arctic Five


4) Pioneering people

We are 56.000 inhabitants in Greenland, and you can meet us in each town or village. We are warm, happy and helpful people, and are always happy to welcome visitors. 
Greenland has been inhabited since 2500 BCE and have had several cultures before our ancestors "The Thule culture" came in 1200 AD. 
Today you see many mixed families mostly with Danes because our country is part of Danmark. 

The Big Arctic Five


5) Whales 

Every day during summer, we see whales in the sea. So amazing to see these huge sea mammals playing in the sea, showing their back and tails. The most common one is the humpback whale which is more curious than afraid of the boat. This whale can be appr. 30-35 tons and 15 meters long and have their own print on their tail just like we humans have our fingerprint 

The Big Arctic Five


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