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Welcome to my special blog, here at Guide to Greenland. No doubt Greenland has my heart - and that's where I mostly unfold as a photographer. I feel a strong urge – almost an obligation – to communicate my fantastic Greenland experiences to a broad audience. The natural beauty of Greenland is unmatched in the World but the environment of the Arctic is also extremely vulnerable. I trained as a biologist, completing a PhD in Arctic biology at the University of Copenhagen. I am affiliated with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, where I primarily work with Greenland seabirds. I lived in Nuuk from 2002 - 2008, and, although I now live in Copenhagen, I maintain a strong connection to Greenland, where I visit at least three times a year.Through my profession as a researcher in Arctic seabirds I have more than 20 years of field experience in Greenland, visiting some of the most remote and pristine parts of the country. I am an experienced speaker and author of photo books on Greenland, as well as popular and scientific articles. I am also the founder and administrator of Greenland's largest stock photo agency ARC-PIC.COM. I have been recognized in several international photo competitions, including category winner in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - the highest position a Dane has yet been awarded in this prestigious competition. I have also been awarded the title of "Danish Nature Photographer” (2011) and am a proud recipient of the Greenland Government’s "Environment and Nature Prize" (2012). I'm also a core member of the Arctic Arts Project - a collaborative of the most celebrated and talented environmental photographers of our day, communicating the effect of climate change in the Arctic. Today, I’m combining photography with my scientific background and my long field experience. I travel to Greenland with my camera to shoot wildlife and to document the traditional Inuit way of life as it unfolds in modern Greenland. From my office in Copenhagen, Denmark, I author text for books and articles and work with layout and decoration using my images.