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Kristian Salomonsen
Kristian Salomonsen
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Hello! My name is Kristian Salomonsen, and this is my Greenland story.

Polar Fox

As child I grew up in a small countryside town in Denmark, living an easy and idyllic life there. It all changed when I was 9 years old, and my father came and told me that we were gonna move to Nuuk, the biggest town in Greenland, for a period of two years. Those years changed everything for me, and there I developed a strong passion the outdoor life!

After finishing highschool, I moved to northern Norway to do a one year study in ourdoor life(friluftsliv) at Øytun Folkehøgskole. 

After that I moved even further north to Svalbard! There I did a one year study called "Arctic Nature Guide". The main aim of the study is to make the guides capable of safely guiding multiday hiking tours in arctic environments, summer and winter!

Greenland campfire

Moving away from Svalbard, I started studying archaeology, and working in the summers as a glacier guide in southern Norway, and as a mountain guide in Lofoten northern Norway. 

All this time having many dreams about Greenland in the back of my mind, and a strong urge and longing to go back there, but all the time it seemed another adventure came in the way... And thus I kept postponing going there...

Now finally, I have been back in the Kangerlussuaq area! This region hold almost endless possibilities for wild hiking trips alongside Caribous and Muskoxes!

Therefore I am psyked to be offering a wild 9 day long trek in this region for the summer of 2019!

Check out the link below:

Arctic Circle Wilderness 9 days, Kangerlussuaq


Muskox Greenland

If you are in doubt of whether this tour fits for you, please do not hesitate to contact me!