The Thule Culture was an ancient Inuit hunting culture, that populated Greenland centuries ago, and since then has developed into the modern-day Greenlandic population. 

As an Arctic Nature Guide, I am very excited to be offering a wild trekking expedition for the summer of 2019, where the goal is to hike from the Greenland Ice cap to the UNESCO world heritage site of Aasivissuit, which were an old inland summer hunting camp for the Thule Culture. 

Arctic Circle Wilderness- 9 days, Kangerlussuaq

The Thule Culture

                                                               Thule Culture ruins

"The Thule Culture" is a term that was coined by members of the 5th Thule Expedition, which was a significant ethnographic/archaeological expedition from 1921-24, led by the Danish polar explorer Knud Rasmussen.

Originally, the archaeologist from the 5th Thule Expedition, Therkel Mathiassen, defined the Thule Culture as a Whale hunting culture. And while this may be true, they have in addition been migrating from the coast to the inland every summer for centuries, due to the good conditions for hunting Reindeers found in the inland. 

Today the UNESCO landscape of Aasivissuit-Nipisat still contains a big Reindeer population, but also a significant amount of Musk-Ox.

The Thule Culture

The 9-day Trekking Expedition starts at the Greenland ice sheet and continues westwards, through very untouched nature, where the chances of encountering wildlife such as Reindeers, Musk-ox, Polar foxes, Arctic Hares and many bird species, are indeed very good! 

After 5 days of wild trekking, we will end up at Aasivissuit.

The ancient hunting camp of Aasivissuit is one of the seven key archaeological localities within the new UNESCO world heritage landscape of Aasivissuit-Nipisat, and contains many house ruins, and the largest communal reindeer hunting system known from Greenland.

The Trekking Expedition thus goes through old Inuit hunting grounds, where we will experience pristine Greenland nature, but also ancient Greenland cultural heritage!

Check out the details of the trekking expedition below: 

Arctic Circle Wilderness- 9 days, Kangerlussuaq

The Thule Culture

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