6 useful tools and tips for travelling in GreenlandWhen a journey full of experiences works well, it is often because it is planned well. Here are some tools to help you while staying in Greenland

Top Six useful tools in Greenland 

  • Maps
  • Flight information
  • Weather 
  • Northern Lights 
  • Emergency
  • Dictionary

Maps that works in Greenland

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in Greenland
Maps.me free mobile app
A free app, with maps of Greenland that work offline, including hiking trails.

We, Team Guide to Greenland, cannot praise Maps.me enough. In a vast country like Greenland where internet is either scarce or pretty expensive, having a precise, free and fully functional offline map is fantastic.

The app even goes as far as showing viewpoints in the shape of binoculars, and places of interest, such as gas stations, churches, shops and hotels.

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in GreenlandThe pictures shows it with danish settings, which is optional of course, but as you can see it’ll show you both accommodation options as well as sights of interest.

On the picture to the right, it shows some of the hiking trails and rivers near Nuuk, it doesn’t have all the hiking trails yet, but it is an open source tool meaning that you can add data to the maps as well. So download it while you have internet, and add the places you want to go. Then Maps.me can make a route for you, as long as you have your gps function running on your phone or tablet. 

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in GreenlandGoogle Streetview Mobile App
If you find yourself with internet, google street view is extremely helpful in helping you find your way around towns in Greenland. Even though towns are small, the hills and many small side roads can get pretty confusing. And that’s when google streetview is amazing, as it shows exactly what’s around you, giving you a great overview of where you are and where to go.

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in GreenlandFlights in Greenland 

Flight schedule
flyinfo.gl or airgreenland.com/schedule
The weather can change pretty quickly in Greenland, which in turn can affect your flights, to see if there’s been any changes, both of these websites will tell you if you’ve been delayed or still on schedule. 

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in GreenlandFlyinfo.gl is operated by the company that runs the airports, which means they will have all flights on there, with a small delay as it pulls information from the flight operators, whereas http://airgreenland.com/scheduleair greenland shows their own flights.

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in GreenlandWeather in Greenland 

Weather forecasts
As i’ve just mentioned, the weather can change pretty quickly in Greenland. If you want to stay ahead and see a weather prediction, here are 3 good options:

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in Greenlandhttp://www.dmi.dk/en/groenland/
This is the danish meteorological institutes website, where you can choose specific cities and see what the weather is going to be like.

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in GreenlandYr.no
Yr.no is the norwegian meteorological institutes website, where you also search for specific cities, but with a different overview. The great thing about this one is that it also offers easy access to local webcams which show the actual weather.

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in GreenlandWindy.com
This is probably our favourite weather website, as it shows you the weather patterns in real time, where you can change the overlay from winds to cloud cover and even waves. It also has options for webcams and it’s easy to change the specs if you prefer m/s or knots or mph and so on.

For pilots it shows the wind in different heights, and for sailors and kayakers it show you the wind direction which can change from fjord to fjord quite rapidly in Greenland. 

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in GreenlandNorhtern Lights forecast for Greenland 

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in Greenland

Last but not least is spaceweather.com - here you can scroll down a bit and see the current auroral oval over the northern hemisphere, showing where the northern lights are strong at the moment, if the Kp scale is at 4 or more the chances are pretty high. 

Combine this knowledge with a weather forecast of clear sky, and you should have good chances for experiencing and capturing the northern lights above Greenland.








Emergency in Greenland 

911? Which phone number should you call in case of emergencies? 

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in GreenlandNo matter where you are in Greenland, you can call the number 112 which is the national emergency call center, which in turn will either put you through or contact the local authority themselves, whether it’s the fire station, ambulance or police.

Your first 20,000 greenlandic words

Greenlandic dictionaries & 10 words that are good to know
Depending on where you go, although rarely, you might find yourself in a place where the locals don’t speak english. Greenlandic is a relatively small language, which Google Translate hasn’t gotten around to yet, so if you’d like to learn the language or just have a tool to try and communicate, you can go to this link

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in GreenlandHere you can download a dictionary, which is basically an excel sheet with more than 20.000 greenlandic words translated to both danish and english, probably a good idea to use the keyboard shortcuts of command + f, and then finding what you what to translate.

10 greenlandic words we think could be useful

  • Hello - Aluu
  • Goodbye - Baarj
  • Thank you - Qujanaq
  • See you later - Takuss
  • When? - Qaqugu?
  • What is it? - Sunaana?
  • How are you? - Ajunngi?
  • Where? - Sumi?
  • Water - Imeq
  • Ice - Siku