Why You should forget Greenland

Why You should forget Greenland

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Why You should forget Greenland

Do not try to fly from US via Iceland
- or Europe - to Greenland! 

Why visit Greenland? 
Let it be for the few adventure travellers and explorers who dare. Why concern yourself with how to fly to Greenland. With an on average 4.5 hours flight from US or Europe, it is allmost the same length as two feature films. Truly Exhausting for some. 

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Why You should forget Greenland
Photo: Richard Sale

Forget traveling to Greenland
The vast landscapes, the Greenlandic Icecap, pristine and remote peaks. Forget about it. One day, it will all be gone anyway. Leave Greenland to the few who had entwined themselfes there, and let them report back to the world.

Why You should forget Greenland
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Watch a virtual version
Why dogsledding in Greenland when its a culture dissapering with the ice? Whale safari or sailing among icebergs, could be watched from your couch on a nature channel, without travelling to the Arctic Circle. Wait and watch for the App or VR version on social medias. 

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So please try to forget 
Who really cares about an ancient inuit culture in Greenland, living side by side with the modern Greenland? Who wants to ruin the idea of raw food being something new, while this has existed 4500 years  in Greenland. Who cares about Greenlandic Fashion, let the national costume be saved for the few who visits museums. 

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Why You should forget GreenlandPhoto: Mads Nordlund and Natascha Pedersen

Do not be inspired by Greenland, like it happened with words such as kayak and iglo. 

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5 Reasons not to go to Greenland 

  1. No one has really been there, and who wants to be the first doing anything, right? 
  2. You will never find out how to get to Greenland
  3. There are easier ways to learn words like frostbite and chillfactor 
  4. If God meant for You to be in the Arctic, You were already born as an Inuit
  5. Just wait for it. As the Greenlandic Icesheet melts, it will come to You in Your home via the rising sealevel 

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In fact we love Greenland, and can not wait to show You the worlds largest island. Read all about Greenlands attractions, see how to get here, what to do and book Your lifes adventure on Guide to Greenland. 

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We must warn you against the huge impressions Greenland provides on visitors. The strong nature experience can be addictive. 

Why You should forget GreenlandPhoto: Mads Nordlund