Commission Rates and Payouts

Guide to Greenland  do not charges for the setup. It is free. After that companies will only be charged commissions of bookings that come in through Guide to Greenland. We also provide bloggers and companies with innovative booking solutions and the opportunity to earn revenue by partnering with each other.

Commission rates depend on the type of service, duration and booking process of each sale. Following are the Guide to Greenland commission rates:

Online bookings

Example of online bookings on Guide to Iceland

Online bookings are sales of products that are featured on Guide to Greenland and are booked directly from product pages. Commission rates are 10-15% of day tours and 10-15% of multi day tours. 10-15% of car rentals and 10-15% af accommodation. 10-15% on boatcharter etc.

Email invoices

Email invoice step one, create a product and send it

Our email invoicing system is an innovative solution for companies and people to send invoices directly to the emails of customers. You can use it to customize trips and holidays and receive any kind of booking.

Email invoice is sent to the email of the customer you chose

The customer is taken to a secure payment page

Commission rates are 6% for sales under 10.000 DKK. 4% for sales between 10. - 20.000 DKK and 2% for sales higher than 20.000 DKKK.

Sales with affiliate links

Guide to Greenland provides local people in Greenland with the opportunity to join the travel industry by setting up a blog on Connect with locals. Bloggers provide travelers with informational value and can also send affiliate links to earn revenue. A 3% commission is provided to bloggers of all bookings purchased 7 days after the traveler has pressed the affiliate link.

You can send affiliate links from anywhere on the website to anyone and place them anywhere

Companies can also send affiliate links to travelers. A 3% commission is provided for all bookings that happen the next 7 days after the user has pressed the link, irrespective of which company the product is purchased from.

Transactions between companies and bloggers

All companies and bloggers can purchase services from each other through Guide to Greenland. You can transfer your balance earned through Guide to Greenland or request to purchase by credit. By purchasing a service from a company on Guide to Greenland you get a 5% discount of the service that you purchase.

Payout requests

When you receive a booking through Guide to Greenland you can send us a payout request 7 days after travelers have received the service or product that you have provided them with. Guide to Greenland will then transfer this money to your bank account within 14 days.  

Send us a payout request when you have serviced the trip

You can request a payout or even refund the trip

An invoice is sent to Guide to Iceland and you will receive your payment within 14 days

Partners are also bound by our terms and conditions which you can see here.