How to create a blog on Guide to Greenland

How can I create a great blog on Guide to Greenland?

The best tip we can give you is to write as many articles as you can.

The more articles you have on the Internet the more likely people will find your articles on Google. The more people who enter your articles from google; the more tour credit you receive.

Always share your blog posts on Facebook and other social media sites. The more people who enter your blog from social media sites the more tour credit you receive.

Write user-friendly articles and be helpful, this will increase the people who contact you for travel tips. The more people who contact you the more links you can send and make money.

See these tips to understand what to write about and how to create good articles 

  • Write about subjects that you are interested in. If you write about things you´re interested in, your articles will most likely be interesting. Quality articles become popular on Google.
  • The title of your article should describe it´s content. For example, if you´re writing an article about your favorite restaurant in Nuuk, do not just call it The best restaurant, but name it The best restaurant in Nuuk. A good way to create titles is to ask yourself: how would a user search for this information on Google? - and maybe try to do a google search - then note how many results different searches come up with, and chose one that seems to be most spoken for. 
  • Start your article with two sentences that summarize your article, and place them in bold.
  • Use sub-headings and place them in Header 2. 
  • Be user-friendly and provide links that help your reader and provide informational value. Place 3 to 4 links in your blog.

A good example of a well-written blog can be found here.

Remember the subject has to be interesting, have a good title, and maybe a bolded two sentence summary in the beginning. Most some user friendly links to tours or even better to categories - as categories 'survive' on Guide to Greenland even if a tour is replaced by other tours. 

Blog Editor Tips:

To insert a link in text: 

Select the text you want to change to a link. Press the button you see in the picture below on your editor, and insert the link in the window that opens.

To insert a picture:

To upload only one picture at the top of your article use the choose file button.

To insert many pictures use the button in your editor that looks like a mountain.

To insert a video:

To insert a video from Youtube press the video button.

Go to YouTube and press the share button. 

Then press embed

Copy the embed link and put it into the window that opened when you pressed the button that looks like a mountain in your editor.

Remember to press save.

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