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All communication regarding reservation of services, changes and cancellations shall be in writing and may be sent using fax or e-mail, or through the postal service, if time permits. All quotations and contracts made by Nonni Travel are in writing and clearly state all services offered and their collective price.


Reservations must be sent to Nonni Travel in writing. Detailed information is required from the client with full names of participants, travel details such as date of arrival and departure, arrival time and flight number, number and type of rooms and other services requested. In the case of groups, a preliminary list of participants should be received from the client no later than 60 days before the first day service is to be rendered and a final list of names no later than 35 days before the first day service is to be rendered.


Unless otherwise agreed, Nonni Travel requires payment to be made as follows:

• A deposit of 25% of the total price of the reserved services to be paid upon receipt of an invoice.

• Full payment must reach Nonni Travel 40 days before the first day service is to be rendered. Payment information will be provided with the each invoice from Nonni Travel.

Validity of prices

All rates quoted or shown in our tariffs are based on current purchasing prices in Iceland. Nonni Travel reserves the right to increase prices already quoted or published in our price lists without notice in the event of currency fluctuation, government taxes, or due to any other cost increases that are beyond our control. After an invoice has been issued the price is guaranteed against any surcharge, unless an increase is due to government laws or currency changes. In the case of currency changes Nonni Travel will absorb an amount equivalent to 5% of the package price, but that in excess of 5% will be charged to the client. A client will be entitled to cancel his booking with a full refund if the surcharge exceeds 10% of the originally invoiced amount.

Discounts for children are subject to the nature of the services to be provided and the terms of Nonni Travel’s service partners.


Upon receipt of full payment from the client, Nonni Travel will issue service vouchers or tickets as relevant. The vouchers/tickets will either be posted to the client or handed to the client upon his arrival in Iceland. It is the client’s responsibility to safeguard the vouchers/tickets and present these to the relevant service partners as payment for each service rendered.


Nonni Travel reserves the right to levy a charge for any change to a confirmed reservation, requested by the client. The charge is subject to Nonni Travel's current tariff and the policy of Nonni Travel's service partners.


Cancellations must be made in writing and clearly dated. Nonni Travel will make every effort to ensure the best protection for the client in case of cancellations. However, a late cancellation can result in compensation claims from hotels and other service partners. In conformity with business practices within the Icelandic Travel Industry, Nonni Travel is obliged to charge its clients a cancellation fee at a percentage of the full price, depending on the notice before the first day service is to be rendered, as follows:

Individuals - Notice of Cancellation made

- more than 2 weeks prior: 25%;

- less than 2 weeks prior: 50%;

- less than 72 hours prior: 100% (no refund).

Groups (10 or more) - Notice of Cancellation made

- more than 4 weeks prior: 25%;

- less than 4 weeks prior: 50%;

- less than 1 week prior: 100% (no refund).

Due to more stringent cancellation rules of some of Nonni Travel’s service partners, which include airlines and hotels, refunds may, depending on the composition of the cancelled services, be lower than outlined above. Cancellation by passengers within a group may either result in a price increase for the whole group and/or a cancellation fee being charged to the passengers who have cancelled.


Nonni Travel acts in good faith and disclaims responsibility for any loss, damage, accidents, sickness or schedule changes caused by weather or road conditions, force majeure such as natural catastrophies, strikes or any irregularities beyond the control of Nonni Travel. Nonni Travel cannot be held responsible for acts, defaults of, or delays caused by, any agent, guide, restaurant, hotel, coach operator, airline, or any persons or companies, however caused. In the case of any changes to flights (domestic and international), the passenger is responsible for any additional costs incurred as a result of such changes, (i.e. additional hotel nights, meals, transfers, etc.). All medical costs arising during tours must be paid by the client. Loss of or damage to luggage is at the client’s own risk.

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