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Our first organized trips in southern Greenland, back in 1997, were “only” the kayaking routes from Narsarsuaq to the Qaleraliq glacier fronts. Since those hard beginnings, Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions has been growing slowly but steadily and today we are the leading adventure travel tour operator throughout South Greenland, covering the triangle area formed by Narsarsuaq, Arsuk and Kap Farvel.

First of all, we would like to refer to our tour programs, which are based on years of experience and exploration in areas of southern Greenland that, in many cases, no one had stepped before. Our trips are inspired by the spirit of polar exploration but can be undertaken by any nature lover. Either by kayak, using crampons, skis or, definitely, by foot, all our routes are conducted in small groups (from 1 to 12 max) and have been designed to take full advantage of the days of our travelers in Greenland.

About our own logistics in South Greenland, the few kayaks that we had in 1997, have now become a big logistics network that allows us to operate many groups of travelers at the same time. This infrastructure includes our fleet of speed boats, cosy hostels in the most awesome spots (Narsaq, Qassiarsuk and Tasiusaq), office (Narsarsuaq), storage for kayak material (Narsaq), 4×4 cars and permanent dome camps located in the most remote and stunning areas of southern Greenland, including the Qaleraliq glacier fronts or the Big Walls of the Tasermiut fjord.

The secret of this success has to do with the incredible nature of southern Greenland -probably the best area of the entire country for hiking around glacier tongues and kayaking among icebergs- but also with the job of our people. From the manager to the guides, the staff of South Greenland Expeditions is composed by enthusiasts of Greenland who enjoy to show Greenland, a multinational Team of Leaders -english, spanish, french, german and italian speaking- for whom safety comes first.

See you soon in South Greenland!

Registration date: Up to 45 days before the journey’s departure date.

Registration after that date: Depending on flight availability.

Reservation: 40% deposit of the total price, excluding airport taxes.

* It’s recommended to confirm Optional Excursions in advance before arrival to Greenland.

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