Information about Qaanaaq

Dominated by forces of nature, surrounded by burdensome climate and a majestic landscape, lies a small village, on the top of the world. Ultima Thule means the farthest point- the limit of any journey, the farthest north of them all. Ultima Thule refers to Qaanaaq.

Qaanaaq Town

Qaanaaq holds a population of 625 inhabitants and 3 settlements spread across the land. The town was established in 1953, beneficial to the Thule airbase, the Danish state relocated the inhabitants from their motherland. The 625 inhabitants of the town, enchant every explorer with their conservation of traditional inuit culture. Found along the coast, is a modern lifestyle incorporated with inuit culture, balancing the suffice of keeping inuit tradition alive, but Qaanaaq is special. Specializing in the art of hunting through kayaking and dogsledding, is prefered by every inhabitant of the small town. In disparity to other towns along the coast, hunting is a necessity for survival and not just a luxury.

For an in-town activity, walk in the footprints of the famous explorer Knud Rasmussen. Rasmussen's house is today the town’s museum, holding ancient inuit archeology finds and Rasmussen's former work.

Explore the land of adventure

Qaanaaq offers a unique escape from the stress of society and civilisation, as it is situated in Qaanaaq fjord, surrounded by glaciers, creating remoteness and another rhythm in the daily life. When travelling to Qaanaaq, adventure is promised. The entrance to the remote town is through the Thule air base, requiring special permission to enter, for outside visitors.

The dog sledding season is the longest in all of Greenland, as the low temperature holds the winter ice in place. Dog sledding is the best way to experience Greenlandic culture and the majestic nature surrounding Qaanaaq. Befriending the lovely inhabitants of Qaanaaq is the circumventing of the area, for a unique experience. In the presence of arctic winds, dressed in traditional inuit winter attire, while listening to the rhythmic sounds of dog paws moving along the winter ice, is a unique experience in itself. Enjoy the majestic nature with mountains in all sizes and shapes. Travel the mesmerizing ice azure to a remote settlement further north than Qaanaaq.

Siorapaluk is in close distance, is the most northern settlement, with ancient roots dating back to the inuits from Nunavut, from the other side of the pond. The settlement is the household of a very special dialect found nowhere else, as it is a breed of Nunavut and Greenlandic. When travelling between the town and the settlements, you will be in the presence of arctic wildlife  as walruses, foxes and seals resides the area.

Summer activities

Take advantage of the midnight sun in the summer period and explore the boondocks of Qaanaaq, summits are waiting to be conquered and views of the Baffin Bay are waiting to emotionally drain every explorer with its beauty. Befriend a local, and sail along the coastline in the soaring of retracting icebergs. Kayaking is adored by every local, and offers a unique opportunity to see the landscape. Kayak to a remote settlement and sleep under the midnight sun on the arctic seas, surrounding the area.

The isolated place of Qaanaaq will not disappoint. With its magnificent nature and outstanding possibilities to explore its outlands.

What to do & what to see

  • Inuit Culture
  • Dog sledding
  • Snowmobiling
  • Ice fishing
  • Hiking

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