I had been obsessed with visiting Greenland for a little while. I first started to really think of it as a possible travel destination in 2015 when I saw an article in a nature magazine with pictures of the ice fjord. I didn't know when or how, but I knew I had to get to Greenland, and I already knew that I wanted to see Disko Bay.

That dream finally came true this summer when we had a short trip to Ilulissat. And what can I say, I am even more obsessed than I was before and am thinking about how to go again. The first night there, we had an evening ice fjord cruise which was nothing short of incredible, spectacular really.

Seeing icebergs that tower over you like mountains is a surreal experience I wish everyone could experience and appreciate. The various colors and shapes just added to the experience.

Iceberg in the Ice Fjord

It was also so beautiful to see how the light hitting the icebergs from different angles affected the colors. I snapped pictures incessantly while trying to remember that I was not alone on the boat. I still can't believe I was actually there.

And we were also fortunate enough to see whales which I knew was possible but didn't expect. Anyone who knows me knows that I am very fond of these magnificent creatures. Since 2015 I have managed to see whales during each of my summer vacations.

Whale and iceberg

This wasn't a great shot, but it does prove that I did in fact see whales. They were two, but the other one can't be seen in this shot. What was even better was that our guide, Lars, was kind enough to make sure we all had a chance to see the whales. He stopped the boat and waited and slowly followed from a safe distance.

towering iceberg

Ilulissat, Disko Bay and the ice fjord did not disappoint. Again I say, I must return. I feel drawn to the area even more than I had felt so before.

Guide to Greenland put together a great trip for us by selecting the perfect guides who were beyond friendly and professional. They helped ensure that we enjoyed the trip so much so that we have been unable to decide which part of the trip was our favorite. But one thing is for sure, we love Ilulissat and Disko Bay. We love Greenland!