Giant Iceberg

Before going to the hotel lobby to wait for our guide, I sat looking out the window with the above view. Had I not seen more than that, I probably would have still been quite happy about going. If we weren't out or resting, I was sitting by the window absolutely mesmerized by what was in front of me. But, at this time, it was time to go on our guided tour of the city of beautiful Ilulissat.

We waited a short time for our guide, Lars. After brief introductions, we were on our way. Once outside, he immediately began telling us about our surroundings, the hospital, the little blue water house. Some guides might offer little information, but he shared amazing details about the history of every place that we stopped. Soon after walking by the hospital, we stopped by the big church which would become important to me during our stay.

Big church

It gave me a sense of direction and a sense of relief when I was tired after an activity. I knew that whenever I saw the church, the hotel was not too far away. It was also near the church that I would spend any extra time I had looking out at the water and icebergs I had traveled so far to see.

Just beyond the church was what I initially thought was a mini church until he explained that it was a cemetery vault used to store the deceased until it was warm enough to dig graves. Somehow it hadn't crossed my mind that there would be times when the ground would be too hard to dig a grave.

Cemetery vault This spot also offered what I thought was a unique view of Disko Bay. Over the fence...

Disko Bay

And through the fence...

Disko Bay 2

We continued on and Lars explained more about the houses including the colors and the numbering system. The smaller the number, the older the house which is very different from how house are numbered in the states. Back home, the smaller the number, the closer it is to the beginning of the street.

We also saw the small museum for Knud Rasmussen. Interestingly enough, I read a bit about him last summer when we were in Alaska and went on a kayaking trip.


It was a tour packed full of information and overall enjoyment. We were fortunate to have a great guide who was ready to answer any of our questions and offer us tips on other things. We were also fortunate that we had Lars for two of our tours. He was fun and genuinely interested in what he was doing. That's not something you find in everyone.

Prior to this trip, I had never taken a guided city tour. And honestly, I never really thought it was something I really needed. But this was a whole new experience and all I knew about Greenland was that I wanted to see it.

And look at it! Who wouldn't want to see it?

Another view

So if you're ever in Ilulissat, take the guided tour. It's worth it.

Thank you, Guide to Greenland!

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