The Hike

This hike was the last official activity for our trip which was on the same day as our kayaking "experience". I did not know what to expect from the hike, and I even wondered whether I had the energy. But honestly if you feel you don't have the energy, you should definitely dig down deep to make the hike.

That being said, I won't lie, it was grueling for me. I don't think it was because it was so hard so much as it was I was just tired as I had been earlier in the day. But, I pressed on. As with the other activities, we were blessed to have a wonderful guide, Sofie. It was an informative hike, but it was also entertaining. It was clear that she enjoyed sharing everything about the area which is not a quality you always find in a guide. It really felt like she cared which made it an even better experience.

The whole area is beautiful, but there were moments when the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. And there were many of these moments. And to think I thought I had seen the best after taking the first shot above. Boy was I in for a surprise!

Exhibit A

Sermermiut 1

In the distance is Disko Island, and in front us was nothing but ice as far as the eyes could see. The icebergs were in various shapes, sizes and colors. The sky was also in various shades. As I looked out, I had trouble believing that I was in such a place. Had I really traveled so far? Had I witnessed a dream come true? Was I really in Greenland?! In Ilulissat, a place I thought I would only ever see in pictures online or National Geographic?! I was in fact there, and this spot is forever carved in my mind.

Exhibit B

Sermermiut 2

The contrasting colors were a sight to see. And the sheer size of these icebergs is in of itself something to marvel at. It was so surreal. Even as I write about it, I can't believe that only 4 months ago I had come face to face with this view.

Exhibit C

Sermermiut 3

There is something which I can only describe as divine about this very special place. How could anyone not fall in love with this? Even my husband was awestruck. And he declared that this was his favorite part of the trip. I cannot say the same as the whole trip was my favorite. It was the trip ever!

So, if you're thinking of visiting Ilulissat, the Sermermiut hike is an absolute must. Some people would rather do things like this on their own, but I highly recommend having a guide because there are some things you cannot fully understand or appreciate without the knowledge and expertise of the right guide.

And more importantly, given such an opportunity, just breathe and take it all in and know that you are truly blessed to have the opportunity of a lifetime.