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Join this 8-day summer package in South Greenland to experience the marvels of the Arctic. Travel directly from Copenhagen, Denmark, far north to the remote land of white and green. When talking about Greenland you might only have seen the white snow-covered landscape, but when you travel to South Greenland you will understand how the country got its name. You will get the best of everything - hiking in the grass, green rolling hills, see amazing mountains, camp by glaciers and have the possibility to kayak among icebergs in the calm sea.

This trip is for the adventurous traveller, but who still enjoys having everything organized so you just can enjoy the journey. You will come to places far away from modern civilization and be able to experience the complete silence, only broken by natures sounds.

The tour will start out from Narsarsuaq from where you will sail across the fjord to the base camp. The first couple of nights will be spent in "Domo Loft" tents on the sandy shores of a fjord with a view to three glaciers coming down to the water. From the camp, there will be hikes in the mountains and ice hiking on the glacier. You will experience breathtaking views over the Ice Cap - an endless white landscape.

After a few nights at the camp, you will visit some of the surrounding sheep-farmer settlements, cruise between icebergs in the icefjord and have the option to try kayaking between the icebergs in a calm fjord.

The area has recently been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the beautiful landscape and rich Inuit and Viking history.

All together the trip is a perfect combination of amazing nature experiences mixed with rich cultural and historical inputs.

Pack your bags and join on this amazing adventure! Check the booking availability by pressing ‘’choose a date’’ above.





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