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Hello travellers and locals. My name is Ivan. I have been living in Greenland more than 9 years. First time came to  Greenland in 2007, when I was a motorman on a small fishing vessel with greenlandic crew members on board, we crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Denmark through faroe islands  and Iceland to southern Greenland. The first thing that struck me were icebergs with their virginity. The inimitable crash of calving icebergs frightened me and fascinated at the same time. Then I fell in love with Greenland. Later, I moved to the north-west of Greenland to the city of Ilulissat and after 5 month settled in the city of Aasiaat, where I worked on shrimps trawlers in the area of ​​ Disco Bay beyond the Arctic Circle. From fishing trawler I saw polar bears in wildlife. I watched whales and seals, All most interesting  moments I captured on the camera. On Instagram you can see some of my travel photos  in Greenland. I sailed from Nuuk to Aasiaat by my own boat. From 2016 I started exploring interesting places in the Davis Strait area, where the town of Ilulissat and the Kangia Ice Fjord are located. Ice fjord Kangia is UNESCO World Heritage List since 2004, from where huge icebergs calves  and drift across the straits around the Disco Island into the open ocean. In winter, I explored territories by snowmobile, plowing deep snow and crossing frozen fjords. From 2017, I began to organize hiking with tents. At the beginning of 2018 I rode a snowmobile from the city of Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq airport along the famous ski track “arctic circle trail” and reached the Rassell glacier and point 660. I am certified arctic adventure guide in Greenland. Currently I am prepairing different tour in summer time. One of them is 200 km hike from point 660 near Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut. If you are interested don’t hesitate contact me ! For drone uses and photogafers and experienced hikers have special offers. I am open for all offeres for all kind of expeditions and exploration in Greenland.  If you are interested don’t hesitate contact me ! Read more

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Welcome to my special blog, here at Guide to Greenland. No doubt Greenland has my heart - and that's where I mostly unfold as a photographer. I feel a strong urge – almost an obligation – to communicate my fantastic Greenland experiences to a broad audience. The natural beauty of Greenland is unmatched in the World but the environment of the Arctic is also extremely vulnerable. I trained as a biologist, completing a PhD in Arctic biology at the University of Copenhagen. I am affiliated with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, where I primarily work with Greenland seabirds. I lived in Nuuk from 2002 - 2008, and, although I now live in Copenhagen, I maintain a strong connection to Greenland, where I visit at least three times a year.Through my profession as a researcher in Arctic seabirds I have more than 20 years of field experience in Greenland, visiting some of the most remote and pristine parts of the country. I am an experienced speaker and author of photo books on Greenland, as well as popular and scientific articles. I am also the founder and administrator of Greenland's largest stock photo agency ARC-PIC.COM. I have been recognized in several international photo competitions, including category winner in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - the highest position a Dane has yet been awarded in this prestigious competition. I have also been awarded the title of "Danish Nature Photographer” (2011) and am a proud recipient of the Greenland Government’s "Environment and Nature Prize" (2012). I'm also a core member of the Arctic Arts Project - a collaborative of the most celebrated and talented environmental photographers of our day, communicating the effect of climate change in the Arctic. Today, I’m combining photography with my scientific background and my long field experience. I travel to Greenland with my camera to shoot wildlife and to document the traditional Inuit way of life as it unfolds in modern Greenland. From my office in Copenhagen, Denmark, I author text for books and articles and work with layout and decoration using my images.Read more

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