Nunatak Glacier Expedition - 10 days I Narsarsuaq I South Greenland

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This is a wild multiday trekking trip that goes through a seldom attempted route. We will only be sleeping in tents, and we will be carrying everything we need in our backpacks.

From Narsarsuaq Airport we will hike up the spectacular ”Kiattuut Sermia” glacier for 2 days. This will take us into a mountainous area in close proximity to the Greenland Icecap. A “Nunatak” is the Greenlandic word for a mountain that rises up from the glaciers.

Here in the “land of Nunataks” we will walk underneath big mountains peaks, and choose a route that suits the current conditions, and the well-being of our group. More glacier crossings are to be expected in this area.

After exploring these remote mountains that rise up between the glaciers, we will spend the remainding 3-4 days making our way back to Narsarsuaq Airport through the beautiful Johan Dahls Land.

Who is this trek for ?

This a trek for those who seeks a wild and remote trekking route in Greenland!

The trek is realtively demanding because of it’s lenght, and becuase it is based on sleeping in tents and carrying everything we need in our backpacks.

In addition to this, 3-4 full days of walking on the glaciers with crampons is to be expected, aswell as 3-4 nights of camping on the actual glacier ice!

Therefore this is first and foremost a trip for those who are truly motivated for dealing for the hardships that may arise from walking through such a wild route.

The daily distance of hiking is 10-13 kilometres through mountainous and glacial terrain with a backpack that weighs around 20 kilos. So participants must meet this requirement to physical fitness!

However if you meet this requirement, and you are motivated to walk through Greenlands glacier and mountains for 10 days, you will here get a unique chance to experience immensly spectacular and beautiful landscapes of Greenland!

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