Summer vacation under the midnight sun | Qaanaaq | North Greenland

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July - September
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Has it been your dream to visit Qaanaaq, the northernmost town of Greenland?  This is a basic accommodation plan, with a lot of free time, tips on what to do on your own, and optional tours to take if you wish.

Here, the sun circles high above your head all day and night, from April to August.  Large glaciers tumble down into the sea.  This is one of the few places in Greenland where you may have a chance to see narwhal, the legendary whale with a tusk like the unicorn.  The local Inuit culture, such as hunting with the kayak and harpoon, and daily use of traditional fur clothing, is also an experience special to Qaanaaq.

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Boat Tour

Greenlandic Culture


Iceberg Views

Midnight Sun

Settlement Visit


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