Arctic Wilderness Expedition | 11 days | East Greenland

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Multi-day Tour
Multi-day Tour
11 days
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Kulusuk Tasiilaq
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Come along on an extraordinary journey into the heart of East Greenland, an expedition designed for adventurers seeking to immerse themselves in the pristine wilderness far beyond the reach of the ordinary. This multi-day odyssey promises a voyage of discovery and unparalleled exploration. Together, we will venture into uncharted territories, ascend unnamed peaks, and set camp in the most secluded corners of the Arctic, where the only trails are those we make.

Our adventure is a tribute to the spirit of exploration, aiming to capture the essence of true wilderness. Each year, we introduce new destinations into our itinerary, ensuring that even the most seasoned adventurers will find new wonders. Our journey spans three distinct locations, showcasing the breathtaking diversity of East Greenland's landscapes - from majestic glaciers and rugged mountains to awe-inspiring icebergs.

This expedition is tailored for those with a robust spirit of adventure. Ideal participants will have experience in multiday trekking and camping, the physical fitness to carry a 12 kg backpack for consecutive days, and a thirst for adventure that knows no bounds. Prepare to lose track of time in the vast expanse of the Arctic wilderness, where the days of the week blur into the beauty of the natural world.

As we navigate through this untouched paradise, logistical support ensures our journey is both safe and sustainable. Each change of location is accompanied by a replenishment of supplies and an opportunity to adjust equipment as necessary, guaranteeing that our focus remains on the breathtaking landscape and the thrill of exploration.

Join us for an unforgettable expedition into the wild heart of East Greenland by clicking 'Book now', where adventure awaits at every turn, and discover the true meaning of wilderness.


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1 review for Arctic Wilderness Expedition | 11 days | East Greenland

  1. Jay Gauthier (verified owner)

    I did this trip in August 2023 with two other team members and our guide. It was spectacular and deserves more than 5 stars our of 5! I was not a mountaineer and had no experience with glaciers or ice trekking, but I was physically fit. Our guide plus his helpers were amazing, everything was taken care of for us and we just had to carry our packs, pay attention and follow instructions. The rewards were incredible, truly a once in a lifetime experience. We did not see the Northern Lights (it was too early in the season) but we did see many whales. Even though the terrain is dangerous, I felt totally safe with our guide. I highly recommend this experience. I can share a link with pictures and videos if you are seriously considering this trip and want a sense of what you would experience, but of course each trip is different so yours won’t necessarily be the same places.

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