10 days of hiking through Arctic nature & villages | East Greenland

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Vacation Package
June - September
10 days
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From Iceland Kulusuk
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Embark on this hiking adventure along the Eastern coastline of Greenland, a realm of frigid temperatures and vast icy expanses dotted with isolated patches of land. This unique journey takes you through three charming villages and the capital of East Greenland, Tasilaq, nestled within this distinctive region. Immerse yourself in the resilient tapestry of Inuit culture, which has not only endured but thrived in the face of Earth's most challenging conditions for millennia. Climb the Kuummiit mountain and Somandsfjell, savoring breathtaking vistas, and navigate icy waters amidst towering icebergs in the Sermilik fjord. Take a picturesque trek across Ammassalik Island and uncover the hidden gems of Kulusuk Island. This expedition seamlessly blends geography and culture, providing an extraordinary experience that serves as a profound lesson in both realms. For a detailed itinerary of each day's activities, click on the 'Daily itinerary' tab. Secure your spot on this captivating hiking tour in East Greenland by clicking on Book Now.

Trip dates:

June 19th - June 28th

July 6th – July 15th

July 20th – July 29th

August 3rd - August 12th

August 17th – August 26th

September 2nd - September 11th




Ammassalik Island

Sermilik Fjord


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