Tasermiut Fjord Kayaking | South Greenland

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Vacation Package
15 days
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From Iceland Nanortalik Narsaq Narsarsuaq Qaqortoq
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"Life is short and the world is wide" - Simon Raven

Well said, Simon. And where does your next trip goes to? If you are considering going to Greenland. This tour is a great way to get to explore a part of the world's biggest Island.

With no more than 56.000 people - is Greenland the least populated place on earth. What does that say about Greenland? That you can go to so many, many places where you'll be in the middle of nowhere - far away from everything. This will give you the ultimate nature experience. Isn't that what we all dream of?

The keyword of this tour is without a doubt: Tasermiut Fjord. 

Tasermiut Fjord is 70 km long and considered as one of the ten wonders of the Arctic by Lonely Planet. You will be paddling through the southwestern part of Greenland to reach the "big walls", Icebergs and sandy beaches.

You will start and end this tour in small villages. This will give you a clearer idea and understanding of the Greenlandic people. The days in between will be well spent in the pure nature. This will give you a clearer idea of what nature is able to create, and why this country is listed on UNESCO's World Heritage list. 

In 15 days we promise to show you all the gems in the southwestern part of Greenland.  Click on the Itinerary tab to read more information about each day of the tour, and then reserve your place on this kayaking exploration of Tasermiut by clicking on Book NowJust one departure available! 


Camping & Lodge stay

Glacier Views


Hot Spring Bathing

Iceberg Views

Kayaking & SUP

Settlement Visit


Norse Ruins

Qooroq Icefjord

Sermilik Fjord

Uunartoq Hot Springs


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