Highlights of South Greenland | 8 Days

Tour Type
Multi-day Tour
June - September
8 days
Start town
Narsaq Narsarsuaq
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Come along and experience the highlights of South Greenland. On this tour you will be exploring hidden gems and charming towns in between luxuriant hills and ice filled passages circumscribed by the South Greenlandic Nature.

You will be spending four days in urban Greenlandic towns and 4 days in remote and distant villages, only surrounded by endless miles of arctic tundra. The sharp contrasts between the urban exploring and the delightful quietness, warmth and undisturbed paradise of Igaliku and Qassiarsuk villages will provide your need for exploring the very best of South Greenland.

This journey is both for the outdoors man and the urban traveller. You will be exploring, experiencing and examining local gastronomy, history and the arctic tundra.

You will be traveling the Greenlandic seas, from location to location in the company of migrating icebergs and traveling humpback whales. The top of the iceberg, is an exclusive tour to the Qooroq Ice Fjord, where you will view the majestic Greenland icecap - but not before moving between passages filled with mesmerizing ice azures in all sizes and shapes.

The itinerary is described below.

Put on your warmest hat and bring your binoculars for this adventure! Check the booking availability and book your adventure now! 


Boat Tour

City Tour

Glacier Views

Greenlandic Culture




Norse Ruins



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