Hot Spring & Glacier by Helicopter | Qaqortoq | South Greenland

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Enjoy the relaxation of soaking yourself in a hot spring with icebergs in view.  Then fly up through fascinating fiord landscape, and stand beside a mighty glacier.  Bring your bathing suit and venture out for the contrasts with us!


We fly over green valleys and farms, fiords with fishermens’ boats working among icebergs, and make a landing at the hot spring of Uunartoq.  There are simple dressing, but nothing else.  Pure nature surrounds you on this small island with icebergs floating by.  The hot springs are a cozy 38°C (100°F) all year round.  Enjoy the view and the silence.   You can just relax, swim or cover yourself in the healthy silica mud from the springs.


From here, we continue on to explore the fiords and landscape. Waterfalls tumble down steep mountain sides, and we fly through beautiful U-shaped valleys carved by glaciers many thousands of years ago.  Just imagine, these valleys used to be beneath a huge flow of ice.


Our next stop is right beside an inland glacier.  From the vast inland ice sheet, rivers of ice are pushed down towards the valleys.  You will witness first hand, the vast scale and powerful movements of nature.


On our way back we fly over ruins from the time of the Viking settlements, 1000 to 500 years ago.  Many are well preserved and their structures can be spotted from the air.  This whole landscape, of green farmland thriving at the edge of the ice sheet, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Join us on this tour, to experience the contrasts of South Greenland.  Check the availability by pressing ' Choose a date' above.



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What to bring

Dress appropriately for the weather. A windproof jacket is necessary in all seasons.
Bathing suit and towel
Water bottle

Good to know

This tour has a minimum requirement of 4 passengers. If there are less than 4 passengers, we will re-book you another departure. If it is not possible to re-book your tour, you will receive a full refund.

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