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This helicopter tour will take you over the UNESCO World Heritage area Kujataa.   The landscape represents the earliest introduction of farming to the Arctic and the Norse expansion of settlement beyond Europe.  We fly low over the rich farmland with glaciers in view, which have been cultivated from a thousand years ago.

Hvalsey Church was first erected in the 12th century and is the largest and best-preserved Norse ruins in Greenland.  Nearby, you can see the remains of a large residential complex, stables, and a banquet hall.  Close your eyes, smell the lush green surroundings, and imagine life in the place that the Vikings called “Greenland”. 

These people were the first Europeans who arrived here, hundreds of years before Columbus set foot on the American continent further south.  The last documented event during the Norse era is a wedding at this church in 1408.  During the next century, the Norsemen mysteriously disappear from Greenland.

After our stop at the Hvalsey Church ruins, we fly back above the dramatic mountain range of Killavaat, a comb-shaped, knife-sharp, 5300 feet high ridgeline - weather permitting.  Enjoy the view of glaciers in the distance as we return to town. 

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