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Venture out with us on a unique trip to see all the highlights of South Greenland – Sermilik Ice Fiord which is always full of icebergs, numerous glaciers, ruins from the Viking era at the UNESCO World Heritage sites Qassiarsuk and Igaliku, green sheep farms, tiny settlements nestled below steep peaks, hydro power plants that supply our communities, the amazing scenery of Tasermiut Fiord, Nanortalik the southernmost town of Greenland, icebergs, islands, waterfalls, walls and peaks, and the Uunartoq Hot Springs.  Yes, that was a long list, and that is what South Greenland is about!

We will make landings at various places, to explore from land too - at Jacky’s Point right beside a wide glacier front that frequently calves icebergs,  a mountain top to enjoy the panorama, the incredibly beautiful and remote Tasermiut  Fiord, and a relaxing dip in the hot spring Uunartoq with icebergs floating by.  Lunch is included, which we will enjoy at a place of your preference with beautiful surroundings.

Experience the contrasts of lush green valleys and mighty glaciers.  Marvel at the bird’s eye view from the sky. 

Come along and take a round trip of South Greenland, by selecting your preferred date and click Book Now to reserve your seat.


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