3-day ptarmigan hunting in the Arctic wilderness | Nuuk

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September - April
3 days
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Join us on a three-day ptarmigan hunting excursion where your base will be a hunting cabin which is situated in the remote backcountry of Nuuk. The hunting cabin is nestled in the heart of the wilderness and has an impressive 360-degree panoramic view! The journey begins with a two-hour boat tour from Nuuk to the hunting cabin at the bottom of the long and beautiful Ameralik Fjord. The boat tour is a great nature experience, allowing you to enjoy the surrounding landscapes. Upon arrival at the hunting cabin, you will be accommodated and get an introduction to the area, the kitchen facilities, etc. Your experienced guides will also share valuable tips and tricks for the ptarmigan hunting. Afterward, the remainder of the tour is dedicated to numerous hunting experiences and cozy moments in completely remote surroundings. Ptarmigan hunting is very popular in Greenland, and whether you are an experienced hunter or a beginner, your local guides will ensure that you have the best possible hunting experience. Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable journey! We take care of all the necessary preparations and provide equipment to ensure your hunting experience is successful. You do not need a hunting license, as you are under our wings. If you lack essential equipment such as a rifle, ammunition, and snowshoes, you can rent it from us. Additionally, upon request, you can book a guide to accompany you on the hunt. To get a spot on our three-day ptarmigan hunting excursion, click ‘Book now’. Note! This tour is from Friday to Sunday. Moreover, please note that the price is based on a minimum of four people. There is room for up to eight people on this trip, with four people in each hunting lodge and eight on board the boat.


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