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Explore the capital of Greenland (and the smallest capital in the world) Nuuk, that is surrounded by an amazing nature and city life where you meet Greenlanders fascinating mix of a traditional and modern way of life.

In many different restaurants, you can have Greenlandic and European inspired food in the menu. From fashion shops, you cannot leave without having anything in your bag. And the northern lights inspired cultural center, Katuaq, where you can drink your caffe latte while you enjoy the artwork from the local and international artists. Nuuk is definitely the capital of modern Greenland and still keeps growing. But the modern Nuuk will also show its past in this package, because you can still see some of the first buildings by the colonial harbour from the 1700s, including a visit to the National Museum of Greenland and the local museum right on the spot!

One of its many characteristics are the many opportunities to sail and experience things like seeing abandoned villages, taking pictures of fine icebergs in all shapes and sizes, watching whales and sailing into the second largest fjord system in the world.

This is an unforgettable tour, you’ll start to get to know Nuuk with a city sightseeing tour and eventually you can take a walk and explore Nuuk on your own.

The second day will be more focused on historical and cultural experiences, as you’ll visit the National Museum of Greenland to see umiaqs(Women’s boats), qajaqs(kayaks), mummies and many more ancient relics and interesting bits of history. After the visit to the museum you are going to sail and of course experience a little bit of the Greenlandic traditional culture yourself by going on a fishing tour followed by a visit to a restaurant with delicious food in the middle of nature, far from everything else. The next day you’ll go to the amazing Nuuk icefjord filled with icebergs from several glaciers.

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