Snowshoeing and Backcountry Sleepover | Nuuk

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Multi-day Tour
September - May
2 days
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Join us for a snowshoe adventure into the pristine backcountry near Nuuk, where you will spend a night camping amidst towering mountains and serene fjords. Our journey begins at the city's edge, quickly transporting you to the Arctic wilderness, far from urban chaos. Nestled in this wild landscape, we will cozy up in tents for the night. Our guide will prepare a meal using local ingredients, share tales from the hunt, and delve into the origins of our Greenlandic dinner. Imagine settling into a warm sleeping bag, surrounded by the sounds of the wind and the gentle flapping of the tent, while you and your friends share stories. On nights when the sky is clear, we are in the ideal spot to see the northern lights, with no city lights to spoil the view, all around us are just mountains. In the morning, we will enjoy breakfast with coffee or tea made from snow that we have melted, then head back to our regular lives, carrying with us unforgettable memories and stories to tell. Secure your spot by clicking 'Book now'.



Northern Lights



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