Best Of Ilulissat | 5 days | Disko Bay

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Vacation Package
June - September
5 days
Start town
From Iceland Ilulissat
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Come along this 5 days adventure to beautiful Ilulissat. This tour is for anyone, in love with the wonders of the arctic, from the majestic glaciers to the sea creatures playing hide and seek between the waves. This vacation package, is paired with hiking, sailing and sleeping under the midnights sun!

Ilulissat in itself, is an arctic wonder. Surrounded by its birth name, lies Ilulissat surrounded by majestic ice azures. You and your fellow explorers, will experience the best of Ilulissat, as you venture into the wild, wonderful and vast Greenlandic nature - each day of your adventure.

You will be exploring, experiencing and examining Ilulissat.A guided city walk, ice cruising under the midnight sun, the majestic Eqi glacier and sleeping in the surrounding huts and the Inuit valley – Sermermiut, is waiting for you to explore on this tour.

The itinerary is described below.

Pull on your warmest hat and bring your binoculars for this amazing arctic adventure! Check the booking availability and book your tour now! 


City Tour

Glacier Views

Greenlandic Culture


Iceberg Views

Midnight Sun


Eqi Glacier

Ilulissat Icefjord

UNESCO World Heritage Site


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