Photo Excursion | Disko Bay and Uummannaq | 8 days | Guide to Greenland

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Photography excursion between the town of Uummannaq and Disko Bay on the West coast of Greenland. Sailing among humpback whales and icebergs in one of the most picturesque coastal stretches in all of Greenland.

The sailing trip takes place in a boat dedicated to finding the best motifs and spending the necessary time at each location. Our captain has been sailing for many years and knows the local area. We also have a professional photographer guide on board who can assist with practical and technical questions based on an in-depth knowledge of photography in the Arctic.

We use plenty of time circling the icebergs with steeple high peaks, both en route and in the ice fjord where they origins outside the town of Ilulissat.

In summer Greenlandic wildlife is often seen with birds, seals and occasionally whales, where the humpback whale with its unique flick of the tail is the absolute most photogenic.

Sunshine and ice provide powerful lux for photography, and we use both daylight, nightlight and the light of the midnight sun to capture the unique shadows and colors that arise in the meeting between ice, water and sky.

Both social media influencers and nature photographers at all levels will get something out of the trip. We are constantly looking for the most photographic locations and photo subjects. Sunset, sunrise, midnight sun, the shades of the night, the long shadows of the icebergs and the crew on board naturally make you aware of the wildlife we ​​encounter.

Here you are on your very own trip, with like-minded colleagues from all over the world. There are good opportunities to gain inspiration, new ideas, new professional knowledge, friendships and perhaps even future partnerships. One thing you will definitely get is lots of perfect nature photos from the Arctic for your own photo portfolio.

In Greenland, nature is still the strongest, and we plan the trip based on the weather. Our goal is to visit as many as possible of the following top attractions, places, settlements and cities with lots of colorful houses, all located in their own scenic surroundings:

  • Ilulissat Icefjord
  • The calving glacier Eqi
  • The whale-full Aasiaat
  • Green Qeqertarsuaq
  • Colorful Qasigiannguit
  • The settlement Oqaatsut
  • Closed mining town Qullissat
  • Heart Mountain at Uummannaq


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Midnight Sun

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Disko Bay

Eqi Glacier


Ilulissat Icefjord


UNESCO World Heritage Site


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