Boat trip among icebergs, searching for narwhal | Qaanaaq

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There are many large glaciers releasing icebergs into the fiord of Qaanaaq.  Icebergs of all sizes and shapes float by, and dot the beaches at low tide.

This fiord is breeding grounds for narwhal, and thousands come into the fiord every summer.  This is the best place in Greenland to have a chance to catch a glimpse of these legendary whales.  Locals stop the boat engine in the middle of the fiord, and float in silence to watch out for narwhal.  This is because they are very sensitive to noise, and dive deep at the sound of a motor.   Listen to the sound of waves lapping at the boat, watch the clouds float by above you, empty your mind and take in the peacefulness.  Hunters may wait like this for 2 or 3 days, so you will be lucky to see narwhal on a one day trip.  Sometimes they just surface a few meters from the boat.  Other times they are tiny black specs in your binoculars, among the sparkling waves. 

Qaanaaq is well known for its quiet seas - it is positioned in a place where the wind is calm.  It is not rare that many kilometres of the broad fiord is entirely still, reflecting the peaks and glaciers in the distance in perfect symmetry.

 Join us on this leisurely cruise among the icebergs, with views of the ice cap and glaciers under the midnight sun. Select your preferred date and click Book Now to reserve your place.


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