Picturesque Settlement Qeqertarsuaq | Qaanaaq

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July - September
6 hours
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Come and sail with us among icebergs to the former settlement of Qeqertarsuaq.  Enjoy the grand landscape and explore the old settlement. A walk up the hill will give you a great view over the fiord.

Some houses are used as summer houses, and there are hunters who use the settlement as a stopover in all seasons.  Walk around, visit the church, and  see the old turf house. Not far from the settlement, there are ruins of ancient Inuit dwellings.

You can explore the shores of the neighbouring islands Kiatak and Appassuit if weather conditions are good.  Or you can spend time floating in the middle of the fiord to see if there are narwhal passing by.  You need a lot of luck to see narwhal on a one day trip, but there will be plenty of beautiful icebergs and views of glaciers and the ice cap in the distance.

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