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Let’s sail north, and although we will not reach the North Pole, it will be further north than most travellers have ever been.

From Qaanaaq, we sail past Siorapaluk, the northernmost settlement, enjoying the view of many glaciers on the way.  There is a good possibility that we will see seals sunbathing on the ice, and in early summer they might be a chance for a walrus sighting too.  On the horizon to the west, you will see the mountains of Canada in the distance.

Past the westernmost point of Greenland, Ullersuaq (Cape Alexander), we will take a look at the ice conditions.  If there is a lot of ice we may have to return south, as our way back home can become blocked.  If the way is clear, we will sail further past green hills and waterfalls, towards Etah.

Etah used to be the northernmost settlement of Greenland.  There are people in Qaanaaq and Siorapaluk who spent their childhood here.  Today some huts still stand and hunters come to hunt muskoxen.  Take a walk to the glacial lake in the valley and you may be able to spot some on the way. 

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