Hidden Waterfall Adventure: Unveiling Nature’s Secrets | Nuuk

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Uncover two secret waterfalls in Nuuk Fjord on this 2-hour tour departing from Nuuk, West Greenland. An ultimate adventure of sailing and hiking to glacier meltwater waterfalls hidden between boulders of rocks and cliffs in the Greenlandic wilderness!

Greenland is largely undiscovered by the world’s travelers, and this destination is no exception. Not even by locals. This is the ultimate hidden gem, as it is remote and only accessible by boat.

The waterfalls are located a short distance from Nuuk, so you will be setting out to sea for about 25 minutes. While sailing enjoy the unspoiled fjord and keep an eye out for wildlife, such as seals and whales. Arriving near the waterfall we stop the engine and hop on board our robust rubber boat, that will bring you to shore. From here a short, but quite demanding, steep, and slippery hike awaits you.

Arriving on-site, you will be rewarded with two gushing waterfalls. One is nestled among boulders, that are about 20 meters high. The other is smaller, but nonetheless beautiful. Depending on how much water tumbles down you can get quite close to the large waterfall with the right footwear, but you can only go as close as safety allows.

Not only are the waterfalls impressively beautiful but there are also a lot of good photo opportunities, as the backdrops of tumbling water create the perfect setting! While you gaze in awe your guide will serve you a hot cup of coffee or tea - that is if you can get your arms down from all the good photos you will be taking!

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