Day Hike to 'Nedkørslen' | Nuuk

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Day Tour
June - September
5 hours
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Set off on a thrilling day hike to the 'Nedkørslen' famous among the locals as a place with beautiful views of Nuuk fjord! Spend your day in the fresh air and enjoy beautiful views!   'Nedkørslen' is a Danish term for 'the descent' and it will be our aim for this hike as the view of the fjord unfolds right in front of you!   Our adventure starts at the Katuaq Cultural Center, where we will drive to our starting point. The hike immediately challenges us with uneven paths and mild inclines within the first 500 meters.   As we advance, we will cross a river whose size depends on the recent rainfall, often peaking in June. Beyond it lies another river - slimmer yet deeper.   Bring your water bottle, you can fill your bottle with the freshest water you ever tasted! Past these two rivers, our path leads towards Nedkørslen. Here, the trail may briefly vanish, presenting obstacles like slight cliffs and a lake. Post-lake, muddy patches may appear, underscoring the importance of sticking close to your guide. Spanning approximately 8 km, the trek culminates at Nedkørslen. Surrounded by stunning views, we take a moment to relax and eat snacks provided by our guide, enjoying a break in this magnificent setting. You will have an overview of Nuuk Fjord and Sermitsiaq Island from the above. Our return to the city is paced with breaks as necessary, ending our hiking tour. Get a spot on this hiking tour around Quassussuaq by clicking on 'Book now'.




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