Narsarsuaq Active Package | 4 days | South Greenland

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Check out one of the most charming places in Greenland! South Greenland is particularly known for its fantastic and colorful nature and for its past as a former Norse settlement. South Greenland is not only a charming place but also the perfect place to hike among the amazing mountains and waterfalls with an atmosphere that’s full of memories from the Norseman era. You will start from Narsarsuaq, which is actually in the center of the must-see places and attractions. The airport is in the middle of the nature with a view towards the sea and tall mountains on the opposite site.

You’ll visit the actual place where the word Greenland was used for the first time in history by the notorious viking, Eric the Red. In spite of his temper and rough image he fell in love with Greenland and built his farm which he named Brattahlid, and hence the story of the Norse era began. Today the sheep farmers live in exactly the same places and the village of Brattahlid is now known as Qassiarsuk.

There are many small villages in Greenland and its been told that Igaliku is one of the most beautiful villages you’ll find on the entire coast of Greenland. You’ll be staying overnight in Igaliku with opportunities to go hiking to the waterfall or hike to the top of the 823 m high mountain.

Ine of the hundreds og fjords in Greenland you’ll find the unique Qooroq Icefjord that’ll give you an exceptional experience among icebergs shaped in all sizes and forms by nature. The Qooroq glacier calves off more than 200.000 tonnes of ice a’day, and crystal clear ice can be taken straight from the sea to cool your drink.

This package is perfect for the nature-lover wishing to go on hikes in the great Greenlandic nature. Check out if the dates fit your calendar by clicking on the “Book Now” and start planning your visit to South Greenland.


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Qooroq Icefjord


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