Experience Life on a Reindeer Station | 8 days | South Greenland

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June - September
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Find adventure at one of the wildest, most remote farms on earth. Hike, fish, explore glaciers, see arctic wildlife and enjoy our fresh local food.

At Isortoq reindeer station we believe in self-sufficiency and living off the land. We also believe in really good food! We catch, smoke and prepare our own fish, our reindeer roam freely in the hills, and we gather seaweed and arctic herbs to uniquely flavour our food.

Spend your days hiking through arctic hills and valleys with views of the Greenland ice cap. On the way we’ll be looking out for wildlife, including musk oxen, reindeer, arctic hare and sea eagles. We’ll also sail to the front of an outlet glacier, watching as it calves into the sea, before hiking up onto the ice, with a qualified glacier guide, to explore the incredible ice formations.

You’ll be staying in comfortable accommodation at Isortoq station. Whilst at the farm you’ll have the opportunity to learn about reindeer herding, practise fishing skills and herb gathering, and try your hand at knife carving and other traditional skills. We’ll also guide you on an overnight hike, staying at an old Inuit summer ground and camping by the sea with incredible views of icebergs.

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