Hike and Kayaking | South Greenland

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Vacation Package
June - September
8 days
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From Copenhagen From Iceland Narsarsuaq
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Want to be active whilst exploring the world's biggest Island?

This 8 day tour will take you to amazing spots in the southern Greenland. On this tour you'll be hiking and kayaking through some of the most amazing landscapes. You'll climb to catch the stunning views from the landside. And from the seaside, you'll be paddling through the Icebergs. You'll be followed by a guide so we can assure that you'll be safe and sound during the whole tour.

Not only will you be doing the above things, you'll also see and learn more of the cultural parts of southern Greenland. For instance you'll be seeing some Viking ruin units which the guide, of course, will tell you much more about. You might see seals, birds and the Greenlandic wildlife during the tour. You'll for sure see Icebergs and glaciers which, for me, was pointed out on my bucket list before visiting the world's biggest Island. You'll be sleeping in a tent - and on the right day - also under the northern lights.

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Boat Tour

Camping & Lodge stay

Glacier Views


Iceberg Views

Kayaking & SUP

Settlement Visit



Ice Sheet

Norse Ruins


Qooroq Icefjord

UNESCO World Heritage Site


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