Narsarsuaq & Igaliku 5 days Package | South Greenland

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June - September
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Explore one of Greenland’s most attractive locations! On this package, you will, above all, get to experience the impressive Greenlandic nature decorated in fine blue and green colors, by icebergs and mountains.

South Greenland is especially known for its past as a former settlement of Norse people, it is right here, where the outlaw Viking, Eric the Red, fled from Iceland and settled here, thus marking the beginning of the Norse era in Greenland.

On this tour you’ll get to see South Greenlands greatest attractions. You’ll land in Narsarsuaq which is in the center of all the attractions, and already your adventure has begun. 

You’ll visit the place where the word Greenland was used for the first time, at the place called Qassiarsuk - at the time known as Brattahlid. In spite of his temper he fell in love with Greenland and built his village that he named Brattahlid. After some hesitance with christianity, and eventually convinced by his wife, he built the first church and today its known as an open-air museum (entrance fee not included). This is going to be your first visit to a village, the next one is called one of the most beautiful villages in Greenland, Igaliku, where you will stay 2 nights. Igaliku has plenty of hiking opportunities!

But you can’t leave Greenland without seeing icebergs, and we’ll make sure that you do so. You’ll go on a tour to the Qooroq icefjord by boat, where you can enjoy a drink that is cooled with ice, more than a 1000 years old, amongst white and blue icebergs. Check out the dates by clicking on “Book Now” above.


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Qooroq Icefjord


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