Kayak & Ice Hike | 8 Days | South Greenland

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Vacation Package
July - August
8 days
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From Copenhagen From Iceland Narsaq Narsarsuaq
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Take one week out of the calendar to go to Greenland and explore its pure, magical nature. Come hide from the civilization for one whole week on this kayaking and ice trekking expedition!

On this 8-day tour, you will be spending most of your time in a kayak, paddling through the southern part of Greenland. You will be paddling through, pass and among icebergs, Ice, glaciers, mountains, minor islands, waterfalls, tundras and much more. The odds of seeing seals, humpback whales, northern lights, ice falling off an iceberg are highly likely on this tour, as you'll be in the middle of it (nature) the whole time.

Don't you worry? There'll also be time to be a little civilized so you can get to see and get an idea of the Greenlandic culture. Saving the best for last we'll be visiting a town at the end of the tour. You will get time to explore the town and to get a feeling of a small, unique Greenlandic town.  So, if you like kayaking. If you love sleeping in tents, on sandy beaches, under the stars and under the northern lights. If you like paddling through the pure nature and hiking on glaciers. If you'd always dreamed about catching your first fish. What else is there to think about? This tour is perfect for you who wish to disappear into the wild.

Why visit Greenland? Lonely Planet must have ranked it the #9 country to see for a reason.

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Qooroq Icefjord


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