Midnight Sun Exploration | 8 Days | Arctic Circle & Disko Bay

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Unveil the most stunning places in Greenland on this 8-day iceberg and midnight sun itinerary. From the Greenland Ice Sheet in Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat Icefjord and the Eqi Glacier in Disko Bay.

Greenland is large and diverse, offering different experiences and attractions from destination to destination. To optimize your experiences in Greenland, you will be exploring two different regions on this package tour, departing from Copenhagen, Denmark.

1st destination: the town by the Greenland Ice Sheet

First, you will travel to Kangerlussuaq by the Arctic Circle to see the large and magnificent Greenland Ice Sheet.  On your first day in Greenland, you will head out on the itinerary’s first tour, which takes you to Point 660 - a place from where you walk onto the ice cap - for a hike on the Greenland Ice Sheet.

2nd destination: The city by the Icebergs

Then you will travel beyond the Arctic Circle to Ilulissat in Disko Bay, where you will be discovering a world of icebergs and glaciers on three guided tours. First, you will be treated to an evening under the midnight sun on the UNESCO World Heritage Ilulissat Icefjord. Secondly, you will be exploring Ilulissat’s second UNESCO World Heritage Sermermiut Valley. Lastly, you will be sailing to the 3.5-kilometre-long glacier wall of Eqi in the north of Disko Bay.

As you will be near the Arctic Circle and beyond, you will be under the rays of the midnight sun – a natural phenomenon where the sun does not set, and there is daylight 24 hours a day. The phenomenon occurs from early June to the end of July. Still, if you depart out of this season, you are in for a treat of beautiful and long-lasting sunsets.

By booking this package tour, you can travel with ease and comfort. All tours are planned and organized in advance, ensuring you get the full grasp of the best attractions in Greenland. And if you’d like to add more adventures to this exciting summer journey, you can opt for more tours in the booking process.

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