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February - April
2 hours
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Driving a snowmobile is a fun way to travel in the snow covered winter landscape. You get around fast and easily and can see and experience a lot in a short time. If you like a little speed and getting an adrenaline kick, snowmobiling is the answer. If you just want to get out of the town and see some beautiful sights, snowmobiling at a slower pace is ideal.

This tour offers a bit of everything and is perfect for people, who have tried driving a snowmobile before. If you are new snowmobiling your should take the introduction tour first and then this tour would be perfect to take afterwards. You will be taken to where the tour starts and meet up with the skilled local instructor, who knows the routes well and can make the best trip for you. The Sisimiut area is characterized by its surrounding mountain landscape. With the good snowmobile tracks you will on this tour soon be in the middle of the vast, breathtaking nature and driving up the mountains to get the best views.

You will drive in the hilly terrain whizzing through good descents, climbs and slopes. Driving a snowmobile gives a feeling of freedom, you get around and see a lot through these two hours and the feel the freshness of the crisp, cold air. The highlights on the tour will be the amazing view you will get to the sea, where you see the David Strait and the endless view over the rugged landscape from Qerrortusup Majoriaa.

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*Whenever you go on a snowmobile ride there are certain rules regarding safety, it is important to respect these at all times. You have to listen and pay attention to what the instructor says and everyone going on the tour has to wear a helmet, both as driver and passenger. If the instructor estimates that you are not driving safely, he can expel you from the tour. You should always keep a safe distance to the snowmobile in front of you. If anything happens to the snowmobile you are in charge of covering the expenses for reparation. Everyone should have fun while driving safely and responsibly!




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