Sea Safari | Sisimiut | North Greenland

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Come along on an adventure by sea, which is paired with wildlife scouting and sailing in the neighboring waters of Sisimiut! Combining the two always make for great Greenlandic adventures. This tour is for anyone who loves the wonders of the arctic, from the archipelago paradises to the humpback whales playing hide and seek between the waves!

The sea has through many centuries been the main source of sustainable food source for greenlandic people all over the island.

The sea has always been a very important part in the Greenlandic identity. In myths and legend the sea is a massive ancient power which permeates lifestyle and the understanding of the whole world. It has also provided the primary source of food up to this day, where fishing without competition is the primary source of income in Greenland. On this tour you will get a totally different picture of what Greenland is all about, seeing the harsh living conditions which the greenlandic people have overcome to survive.

Learn about the massive teamwork that is required for for example caching a whale, how much effort and man power it takes not only to hunt it but also to cut it straight after the kill. Afterwards the meat is divided into the families who helped with the hunting.

You will be sailing in the Archipelago and the fjords around Sisimiut, where you also will get to see the spectacular Mount Nasaasaaq. Along the trip will be great chances to spot the many species of birds around Sisimiut area.If you are lucky you might even get to see the majestic whales or curious seals along your journey.

In the winter season you will be able to sail among breathtaking ice sculptures and to top it of, experience the northern lights whilst on the sea. A once an a life time experience.

Hold on to your warmest hat and bring your binoculars for this sea safari adventure! Check the booking availability by pressing ''Book Now'' above.


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