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Step right up to join this fully guided tour and uncover Ilulissat's valleys of snow, conquer steep mountainsides, and gaze upon mesmerizing views! This tour is for anyone who would like to spice up their Ilulissat holiday, while still visiting Ilulissat's most popular attraction.

This tour takes you to the spell-binding and magical Sermermiut Valley. Sermermiut valley is known as a UNESCO World Heritage because of the ancient Inuit traces and its unimaginable beauty. Sermermiut has been inhabited by different Inuit cultures and was first inhabited around 4000 years ago.

The hard arctic climate makes exploring Ilulissat's UNESCO world heritage difficult.  Snowshoeing allows you to reach almost inaccessible places, as the snowshoe easily can conquer steep mountains sides. 

Your tour starts at the meeting place in the city center, where you will be introduced to your guide, who will lead you safely through the winter wonderland. From there you and your fellow explorers will be transferred to a valley, where adventures await you! 

Approximately an hour of hiking before you reach one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Ilulissat. Here we will be settling down and enjoying some warm drinks, with the view over the Icefjord, and seeing the icebergs on their voyage to the Atlantic ocean. While sitting here you will feel the unforgiving arctic cold bite your cheeks and the sweat run down your back! En route, there will be lots of opportunities for capturing moments lasting a lifetime through your camera lens. 

After finishing we finish our snowshoes hike we will be heading back to our relaxing part of the trip- The sauna experience! You will have 1-1,5 hours to warm up and relax in the Sauna! we recommend drinking a lot of water, and eating a light meal like banana before the sauna. You should go outside the sauna every 10-15 min to cool down and maybe try to make some snow angels, the choice is yours!

Please note no previous experience is required! Also, the usage of snowshoes will depend on snow conditions if snow is pressed and hard sometimes is an inconvenience to wear snowshoes. If that happens we won't wear snowshoes but hike without them.

This tour is for anyone (experienced or not) who would like to explore the winter wonderland of Sermeriut. Reserve your place by selecting your preferred date and clicking on Book Now.


Iceberg Views



Ilulissat Icefjord

2 reviews for Snowshoe Hiking & Sauna experience | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

  1. Deresteau

    The weather was very snowy but the guides were amazing.
    Very helpful and they share their knowledge about culture, history, geography etc.
    We didn’t get the nice view on the fjord because of the weather but thanks to the guides it was a very great experience !

  2. Helene (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the tour. Ejnar and Amalie were excellent guides. We had a fantastic hike with breathtaking views of the fjord and enormous icebergs. After the hike, we headed straight to the sauna experience, known as ‘sauna gus’, which was a perfect way to end the day.

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